SMART Solutions to Operating Challenges

Trent Hardin, NCSO

Identify & Solve Business Challenges with OPTIMUM Process Solutions

Optimize Operations

Business expansion will force you to reexamine your operational model.  Meet your business challenges with an in-depth understanding of what change means for your organization.  An assessment of your business processes may be necessary to optimize your solutions.
  • Quality Management
  • Safety Management
  • Development of Strategic Initiatives
  • Value Chain Optimization
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Process Efficiency
  • Resource Optimization

Improve Product Quality

Strengthen quality management and address product non-conformance issues.  We help you consider the true cost of rework, wasted material, labour, energy, the reduction in customer confidence, and the deterioration in brand value.
  • Non-Conformance Identification & Tracking
  • Corrective Action Process
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Quality
  • Continual Improvement Strategy
  • ISO 9001

Reduce Cost

The business life cycle paired with economic uncertainty can force decisions regarding the benefit of reducing costs.  How prepared are you to take advantage of trends, economies of scale and scope to reduce unit costs?
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Expense Reduction Strategies
  • Contracting and Procurement Strategies
  • Optimizing Operations
  • Analysis of Operating Expenses
  • Process Recommendations
  • System Recommendations
  • Technological Recommendations
  • Behavior Modifications
  • Cash Flow Analysis


What's The Cost Of Product Non-Conformance?

Rework  •  Wasted Material • Labour
Energy • Reduction in Customer Confidence
Deterioration in Brand Value

Are Your Staff Resistant to Change?

Expect Resistance to Change
Create the Desire for Change
Train Employees to Thrive

Do Your Team's Decisions Support Your Strategy?

Create a Clear Vision
Build Initiatives to Achieve the Vision
Execute Flawlessly • Celebrate Success

Trying to Find Room to Expand?
No System Can be Pushed to Produce Beyond its Limits for a Prolonged Period of Time • Will Your Next Order Exceed Your Production Capacity?
Is Your Equipment Trying to Tell You Something?

Find Causes •  Implement Solutions
Solve Recurring Problems •  Improve Operations
Seize Opportunities

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